ServiPanamax – Commerce and Maritime

Agent – Broker – Consultant

We are a group of professional facilitators of international trade and maritime business. We provide comprehensive advice for the establishment of business and investment in Panama. We make available to the capitalist or investor, the best tools to organize the production or improve it, and protect it.

We can offer the best recommendations on foreign investments, legitimization of capitals, services off shore, impo-expo, TLCs, feasibility studies; or that of marketing, the international banking center, the free zones and fiscal incentives. Our biggest knowledge and experiences come from the International trade and the Maritime transport.

Our services are aimed at international traders, importers, exporters, owners of ships, shipping lines or carriers, as well as charterers, shipping agents, freight forwarders and society’s sorters; Banks and insurances..

The special training and the professional history of the people that are part of our crew, allows us to cover legal subject matters, technical, accounting, real estate, duties, banking and insurance

If you prefer to consult before making your decision, don´t hesitate to come with us first. We have the best advice for you on how to live and do business in Panama. Think of us before making a decision which may affect your business. Count on us in Panama, as your advisers about any subject matter related to the international trade and maritime business.