ServiPanamax – Commerce and Maritime

Agent – Broker – Consultant

Panama enjoys a comparative advantage as a supplier of international services, in specially regarding the transportation through the channel. The orientation of the Panamanian economy towards services makes it international center of activities such as maritime transport, banking and distribution services. Our intention is to place the scope of national or foreign, the necessary services to make your investment; always protecting your capital.

The services most emphasized from Panama are:

  • The operations of the Interoceanic Canall of Panama
  • Cristóbal, Balboa, and Manzanillo Port, and others
  • The International Financial Center of Panama
  • Colon Free Zone and other zones.

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight the generated activities of shrimps, coffee, banana tree, sugar exportation and other non- traditional products as well as the imports of goods and services; originated from all five continents.

There are factors that represent the strength of Panama to establish shipping companies as a wealth-generating activity of the country:

  • Fitters / Charterers
  • Shipping agents or Shipping Operators
  • Rating firms and
  • Brokers of Ships or Brokers

Each one of these activities represent opportunities to generate employment, increase income and other sources wealth, because of the multiplier effect in the generation of direct collateral activities within the Maritime Sector and indirectly in other sectors of the national and international economy. We just hope that the main stockholders in the shipping business take advantage of strengths that offers Panama to attract investment capital and establish their businesses within the territory.